How It Works

We help you focus on what matters most – Your Success!

Increase Positive Reviews

Get more and better online reviews for your business – where they count the most.

Stop Negative Reviews and Recover Unhappy Customers

Reach unhappy customers before they badmouth you online

Monitor Your Online Performance

We collect the data to optimize your review campaigns and alert you to any issues.

Broadcast Happy Customer Reviews

Present your best and most positive reviews with our automated social media and website content.

The Review Funnel Process

We provide an easy and unobtrusive way to ask for, and remind your customers to leave reviews your business on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and any other of the review sites that are important to your company’s online success.


Drive your customers to one conversion funnel, that sends them to the review sites you care about most.


Direct unhappy customers to a service recovery form, and encourage others to complete a positive review.


Our system will automatically ask, remind, and direct customers through the review process with email, or text or print campaigns.


View your results with monthly reports that show reputational improvement with insights that lead to actionable campaign data.


Choose which positive reviews to send to your website and share on social media, or automatically share them according to rules you control.

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