Feature Highlights

Get alerted to any new reviews or unhappy customers

Reviewers can use any device to leave reviews

Manage unlimited locations

Encourage positive feedback and stop negative reviews and get a second chance with unhappy customers

Our simple system will  proactively contact your  customers and redirect  any complaints and encourage positive reviews.

  • Encourage happy customers to write positive reviews where it matters most.
  • Reach out to unhappy customers before they leave a negative review about your business.
  • Provide your team the time and information  to turn a negative customer experience into a positive one.

Our “Command Center” gives you all the information you need to monitor, take action, and promote all of your positive customer reviews

We are the first solution to encourage, collect and rebroadcast local reviews into a cohesive marketing strategy and offer a complete solution.

  • Collect, manage and use customer reviews from around the Web.
  • Integrate and cover all the third-party publishers that matter to your business.
  • Build positive reputation and increase visibility on the review sites and listings you own.

Completely automate multi-channel review request campaigns

Whether you have one business location or a thousand, our solution is the most effective and flexible review acquisition system.

  • Email, text and MMS drip campaigns.
  • Upload your customers and schedule campaigns.
  • Custom drop-shipped printed cards are also available.
  • Send a personalized, localized reviews acquisition campaign at any scale.

Broadcast your top reviews to your website and social media profiles

We can collect all of your positive reviews in one place, and then let you selectively share them to your website with a simple copy/paste embed code.

  • Automatically display the latest and greatest reviews of your business to prospects and increase both online and offline conversions.
  • Selectively show/hide and edit review snippets so that you’re always in control of the content you publish.
  • WordPress plugin (and Joomla/Drupal modules) make site integration with schema markup easy.

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